Idiot celebrity and privileged ignorance

I’m fairly pissed off about this so I may be less than coherent, I ask that some bear with me.

From this thread at Feministe, I discovered these comics depicting stories of the Chinese earthquakes, and that got me thinking about what Sharon Stone said with regards to karma, and how she didn’t seem to realize that Chinese peasants were, too, people until she actually had to suffer boycotts and canceled sponsorships, and I’m stunned speechless.

I don’t even want to delve into the sort of gall it takes to use thousands of dead peasants to score a political point in a fashionable cause, I’m just astounded by the insensitivity. Sharon Stone and people like her: where do they get off?

This goes for anyone who wants to use tragedy to score points, regardless of context: you’re either supremely unaware of your own insensitivity, or you’re completely apathetic, and that makes you a monster.

Besides, like my dad said, what do Chinese peasants have to do with Tibet? Is it not the Party brass continuing the occupation, yet were also not remotely affected by this, who would be punished by “karma”? Maybe Sharon Stone should spend the half-hour she apparently spends watching My Name Is Earl every week doing something constructive like learning about basic humanity.


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