Bizarre News of the Week: Neo-Nazis for Israel


“Israel earned the right to live among the nations [after emerging] from unending wars,” the group [National Socialists for Israel] writes on the site. “Israel also has a right to exist. This nation also has culture… The nation of Israel is appreciated… It is our duty, as neo-Nazis, to defend this supreme success. Not just for the German people and the European cultural sphere, but also, especially, for Israel.”

As such, “Nazis for Israel” also leveled criticism at their colleagues in the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), calling them “politicos, cowards, and reactionaries.”

“Show us proof of a Jewish plot to dominate the world,” they wrote in a rare manifesto which was posted on their Web site.

(From the Forward’s Bintel Blog)

I’d include some of my usual scintillating commentary, but each theory I come up with feels more unlikely than the last, so I’ll just leave the speculation to commenters (although YNet reports that some experts believe it may be a radical Left-wing… something, and also mentions the group’s goal of countering the Islamic presence in Europe. Perhaps, now that White Jews are officially White, some Nazis are focusing on a new scapegoat? Enemy of my enemy and all that?).


3 Responses

  1. I’m hesitant, but the best explanation I’ve come up with is that this demonstrates the relationship between Diaspora and antisemitism. No longer rootless cosmopolitans, we’re not anymore the internal other, rotting societies from the inside, but now the external other that can be kept separate. Maybe just wishful thinking.

  2. Interesting. I think there may be a lot to that. Of course, other Neo-Nazis view Israel as a blot on the map, but it seems Nazism has already splintered into several distinct subgroups, so I’m not surprised that not all of them agree with each other.

  3. I found this comment on the Ynet article you linked to interesting:

    There are to kinds of neo-nazis

    The ones who take nationalism very seriously and believe every nation should have their own nation and that those nations should be ‘pure’.

    And the ones who are hard-core nazis of the current era who despise everyone else but themselves as they believe they belong to a superior race.

    These neo-nazis are clearly belonging to the first group.

    Suzanne (06.04.08)

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