US Hits Israel With Rolled-up Newspaper

From AP:

Rice criticizes Israel on West Bank settlements

JERUSALEM – Israel’s persistent building of Jewish homes on disputed land undermines the U.S.-backed attempt to write an Israeli-Palestinian peace draft this year and invites questions about Israel’s motives, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

Using exceptionally harsh language, the visiting U.S. envoy said Israel must understand the pall its actions cast over talks and on the confidence of the United States, European nations and others that Israel is bargaining in good faith. She said the Jewish state has apparently picked up the pace of housing expansion since President Bush inaugurated negotiations with a splashy summit at Annapolis, Md.

So, now that we all agree illegal settlements are bad, we’re going to do something about it, right?


Oh, wait, I forgot. The US is forbidden from telling the truth about anything ever. When we say we don’t want to fight, that means we’re gearing up for war. When we say something must be stopped, it means we don’t intend to lift a finger.

Here’s how we can achieve peace: dismantle ALL West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements. I feel for the West Bank settlers who didn’t have malicious intent when they moved in – because they were minors or refugees or just inundated with relentless propaganda – and would face the daunting task of starting their lives over again in Israel proper. At the same time, though, it takes a staggering feat of hypocrisy and racism to sympathize for Israeli civilians and not Palestinians. Settlers are not reincarnations of Warsaw Ghetto fighters. They were not sent by God to reclaim the Chosen People’s Chosen Neighborhoods. They need to leave, now. And the US, instead of echoing the same empty platitudes over and over again, needs to help make that happen. Otherwise, new settlers will continue to take, and take, and take.

Of course, when has the US ever discouraged White people from taking?


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