Withdrawing Fulbright Scholarships Is A Bad Idea For All

And here is why:

In Hamas-ruled Gaza, Palestinian Arab schoolchildren were taken on a field trip to a Holocaust exhibit set up by The National Committee for Defense of Children from the Holocaust, reported the local Al Ayyam newspaper.

The exhibit made use of language and images characteristic of the Nazi Holocaust, but instead of Nazi troops feeding the ovens with Jewish victims, the exhibit portrayed Jews baking non-Jewish children to death.

Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli media watchdog, noted that the exhibit served to reinforce recent programs on Palestinian Authority-controlled television that taught local Arab youths that it was the Zionist Jews who burned humans in ovens during the Holocaust.

How do the scholarships play into this? Gazan youths, not having the opportunity to leave blockaded areas, are subjected to Hamas schooling which, as the article points out, fosters hatred for Israelis which is very hard to refute if your main sources of media are Hamas and the PA television networks – of course, when you’re denying Palestinians the ability to take advantage of our educational systems, so that they can use that knowledge to (ideally) build up their own infrastructure and take power from the hands of Hamas, who becomes responsible (and, in a way, heroic) in the eyes of Palestinians for the upkeep of society? Hamas. The same Hamas that, these same people arguing against Fulbright Scholarships will tell you, is ideologically committed to destroying Israel and can’t be negotiated with.

I guess nothing else is expected from Palestinians, so we might as well condemn them to a life that only hardens their hate against us. Undoubtedly sound logic!


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