Some changes

With my guest-blogging stint at Feministe over (you can see an archive of my posts here), I can refocus my attention on making this site ridiculously fantastic. Witness the new sidebar on the left! We are now a blog with multiple sidebars! Oh YEAH.

The image header is currently uninspiring, but rest assured that it won’t be for long.

Also, after two months of trying to figure out which of my political/feminist/social justice/etc. posts should go here and which should go on my personal site, I’ve decided to just start posting everything here, even if it doesn’t directly relate to Jewishness as I personally understand it. From now on, the personal site will revert to what it was originally intended to be: hand-wringing about my fiction and sex-related complaints. (Although many of those posts will cross over into feminist rants, to be sure.)

UPDATE: Found a spiffy picture, but the design still needs work.

One Response

  1. I quite like the new changes, myself! The two sidebars is very professional indeed.

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