Italy and the Roma

From Devious Diva, more updates on the situation of the Roma in Italy.

Many people are openly hostile to the Roma, accusing them – especially the newer arrivals – of avoiding work in favour of theft and other crime and shutting themselves off from mainstream Italian society in squalid, illegal camps. Rights groups working with Roma people say they face severe discrimination, some of it tied to more general anti-Romanian and anti-immigrant feeling.

Italy’s legal system has already indicated there is nothing to stop discrimination against Roma. In a ruling handed down earlier this year, but only recently reported, the country’s highest appeal court ruled in the case of six people accused of anti-Gypsy racial propaganda that it was acceptable to single out Roma on the basis that they are thieves.

Now, while it begins to sink in why Jews ought to vehemently oppose this from wherever possible, some attention ought to be paid to pictures that surfaced, pictures of sunbathers just metres away from the bodies of two drowned Roma girls.

Metres away. From bodies of dead girls. Dead human beings. And the beach carried on like nothing had ever happened.
From CNN. (Warning: photos might be disturbing)

The Italian organization EveryOneGroup. (Warning: photos might be disturbing)

This attitude, sadly, is becoming the norm in countries all across the West. At what point is enough enough, and we agree to start treating human beings like human beings?

5 Responses

  1. This is just so… awful. What a disgusting story.

  2. It really is – I end up left with nothing to say to that because it kind of speaks for itself in its callous indifference.

  3. Thank you for covering this. I’ve seen no coverage at all in the Jewish press. It is so freakin’ horrible. It’s as though Italy didn’t learn anything from their fascist history. And people think a holocaust can’t happen again!

  4. I’d posit that most of Europe hasn’t learned anything from fascist history, except maybe the Germans. The sad thing is, you could probably find evidence that most European nations are in denial about their roles in the Shoah.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t call my post “coverage”, more like trying to bear witness I guess. DD’s been doing the most coverage I’ve seen thus far.

  5. Thank you for spreading the word and for the heads up. The more people who write and link to this subject, the more people will hear about the plight of the Roma.

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