Angie Zapata

The Denver Post reported on another murder of a trans woman, Angie Zapata. The Bilerico Project has an excellent take and hones in exactly on the problem with the media reporting – namely, the denying of humanity to Angie. Of course, it is never enough for the killer to brutalize the woman to the point of largely making her unrecognizable (which is pretty tragically common, as trans activists would not hesitate to point out), but in death, the news media seeks to deny her basic dignity with loaded language:

A furious dupe has been accused of murder with a fire extinguisher after discovering a woman who gave him oral sex was born a man.

Allen Ray Andrade allegedly battered Justin Zapata to death in a fury after discovering the truth.

A “dupe”, “discovering the truth”, and what’s curious in this particular coverage is the reference to the victim as Justin, not Angie. You know, this was just some guy in drag for kicks, so this was a crime of passion. You know, trans panic, where you get so horrified over this idea that you bludgeon a person to death in a violent rage, because that of course should be a normal defense. They don’t hate real people, you see.

In the end, Waymon Hudson says it best:

Here’s the truth- even in death, Zapata continues to be victimized by a brutal, bigoted man and the media. The continued attack on her identity serves to put her in the role of the one at fault, not her violent killer. It is disgusting and beyond belief.

A young woman was brutally murdered. She deserves the same dignity and respect that any person would get. She should not be dehumanized or insulted. It is the killer who is on trial, NOT Angie Zapata.

EDIT: Sadly, it’s had to be pointed out to my stupid ass that this murderer discovered Angie’s “duplicity” by grabbing for her genitals without her consent – in other words, sexual assault. Which really just adds another level of horror to this whole incident.


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