Palestine Updates

Pro-Palestinian activists will sail to Gaza to protest the blockade:

Pro-Palestinian activists have delayed plans to sail to the Gaza Strip in a bid to break Israel’s blockade on the territory.

The Free Gaza Movement announced last week that 40 of its members would set off in a boat from Cyprus toward Gaza, whose waters have been closely patroled (sic) by the Israeli navy since a Palestinian* terror campaign began in 2000.

The Free Gaza Movement’s mission was originally scheduled to begin Monday but was postponed, likely to the weekend. Organizers said they planned to bypass Israeli naval vessels non-violently.

Pro-Palestinian activists accuse Israel of using its “siege” of Gaza’s coast and land crossings to try to starve support for Islamist Hamas, which took over the territory in an armed coup last year.

Jerusalem officials said they were aware of the planned mission but gave no immediate word on how it might be handled.

* I believe they mean “Hamas.” Last I heard, the entire Palestinian population didn’t agree to fire rockets at Sderot.

EDIT: Hold on – the Free Gaza website says the ship has set sail! I’ll post updates as often as I can.

And remember the seven Palestinian Fulbright scholars? Well, for three of them, it’s game over. The US has denied their visas:

The United States revoked the entry visas of three Palestinian students who won Fulbright scholarships.

The State Department announced Monday that the three Gazans would not be admitted to the United States after “new information” was received about them.

In June, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice came out in support of the three Fulbright scholars after Israel, citing security concerns, refused to give them permits to leave the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Four other Palestinians who won Fulbrights were allowed to leave Gaza.

New information, huh? Looks like it’s classified, but we can guess what this “new information” consisted of:

“They’re brown!”

“They’re Arab!”

“They have the same last names as people we suspect of being terrorists!”

“She wears hijab! Americans will be offended!”

“If you scramble the letters in the first sentence of this guy’s personal statement and then assign numerical values, it’s the same as the numerical values in the phrase ‘I hate Bmericg,’ and if you replace the B and G with As, it turns into ‘I hate America!'”

“They haven’t condemned other Palestinians for being Palestinian!”

“I just found out that I don’t feel like it!”

Someone tell me what good this is doing, because I’m still not getting it.


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