Free Gaza Update

The ships are on their way from Crete to Cyprus, where – I believe – they’ll set sail for Gaza. However, the delays are draining their funds:

Many people thought we’d never come this far. But here we are and we firmly
intend to set sail regardless of some recent staggering debts. Frankly, we
have spent much more than we raised; here are just a few of our recent

•Two Sailor 250 FleetBroadband systems to allow us to stay in electronic
contact and to send streaming video in real time, $16,000 each, or $32,000;
•Repairs required to make the boats seaworthy, $25,000-$30,000;
•Electronics, wiring, connections, satellite uplinks, SPOT Trackers to make
the system work, $5000-$8000. (Most of the labor on the electronics and boats
has been donated by the Greek crew and technicians.)
•Forty-four life jackets and two hand-held GPS units, $8000;
•Paint & banners for the boats, and balloons & toys for Gaza children, $2000
•Diesel fuel for both boats, both ways, $15,000 to $25,000.

Except for part of the diesel fuel, we have already paid these costs by running
our personal credit cards to the limit, borrowing money, and asking some of the
Greek crew to help. Frankly, we’re tapped out.

You can donate here.


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