I give up.

I’ve spent the past few weeks searching for a computer with Adobe Photoshop, but to no avail. Here’s how it went when I tried to use the graphics computer in the campus reprographics center:

Me: Hurray! This computer has Photoshop. Who’d have thought a measly community college would be able to afford it? I’ll have a snazzy new banner up on my Jewish social justice blog in no time.

Me – four minutes later: Excuse me, sir? I just tried to open Photoshop on the graphics computer, but it said the program’s missing some files.

Sir: Hmm. Let me check with the guy in back.

Guy in back: Oh, yeah. We downloaded that program illegally.

Me: So… if you don’t have the files for it now…

Sir and guy: We never will.

So I’m asking my readers and co-bloggers a favor. Would anyone out there like to work with me on designing the header for this site? I’ve got a simple design in mind – it would basically be the current image, except with a white border around the text, which would be in a different font, and a tagline. If anyone would like to submit their own design, though, you would be credited on the About page.

Or if, er, anyone knows where I could get a copy of graphics software, I’d much appreciate it.

3 Responses

  1. I have Photoshop on my home computer, but I’m currently visiting family and won’t get home until Wednesday. If you don’t need this done before a week from now or so, I can help you.

    There are also free graphics programs available, like Serif Photoplus and The Gimp, but I can understand that you might not want to deal with the learning curve involved with using a new program.

  2. I could lend you my hacked copy of an old (2004?) version of Photoshop to install on your own computer. P. & I are leaving town on Monday, but if you guys’ll be around campus today or tomorrow I could give it to you. Or next week when we come back.

  3. Note: this would only work if you have a Mac.

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