Free Gaza Update: Boats Reach Gaza Strip

Via Haaretz:

Arab League chief praises activists who challenged Gaza siege

Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa on Sunday praised pro-Palestinian peace activists who sailed from Cyprus and successfully broke through an Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

“These Palestinian supporters who have endured hardship to deliver their message to the world and to express their objection to the harsh siege on Gaza deserve every support and appreciation,” Mussa said in a statement.

Despite an Israel Defense Forces plan to halt boats bearing left-wing activists on their way to Gaza, the government decided to permit the boats to reach Gaza shores in order to avoid a public relations disaster.

Senior political sources in Jerusalem said that the fact that Israel allowed the boats to reach Gaza “took the wind out of the sails of the left-wing activists who were seeking to create a provocation.”

Give me… a fucking… break.

Yes, by allowing the boats to accomplish their goal, you actually won. If you hadn’t allowed the boats to accomplish their goal, you also would have won! Up is down! Black is white! Always twirling, twirling towards freedom!

So congratulations, everyone. The Free Gaza Movement has shown its propensity to act like children by demonizing Teh Zionists (yes, I’m resorting to internet-speak, I’m so fed up), invoking Holocaust imagery against Jews, and failing to produce a copy of Admiral Marom’s “strange proclamation.” The Israeli government has shown its propensity to act like children by first threatening to arrest the crews and interrogate them, and then patting itself on the back for avoiding a PR flare-up. So we’re all children here! Good! Great! We all win! We’re all the bestest! I’m rubber and you’re glue! PUT DOWN MY TOYS THEY’RE MINE!!!

Quick note: the IDF hasn’t ruled out the possibility of arresting the crews on their way out. Stay tuned, I guess. In the meantime, the activists are delivering hearing aids and helping Gazan fishermen fish.


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