Dear Madonna:

a) You are actually not Jewish.

b) As a corollary to a), you have no grounds whatsoever to be comparing John McCain to Adolf Hitler.

Naturally, of course, you would have no grounds to make such a comparison in any case.

c) The entire world is not yours to appropriate for each successive reinvention. See, also Renee.


6 Responses

  1. Very well put.

  2. why are only jews allowed to compare people to hitler? he killed an awful lot of other people too.

    (note: I think comparisons to hitler and nazis are overused to the point of being pointless, especially in this case.)

  3. He did kill a lot of other people too (Roma and gay people, of course) but I’m not sure why you’re bringing that up here – besides, I didn’t say that. I might have implied it, but that certainly wasn’t my intent.

  4. I loved it when she called herself an “ambassador for Judaism.” I loved it so much I wanted to puke.

  5. brown shoes,
    im confused, why is it a corrolary of her not being jewish that she has no grounds for comparing mccain to hitler?

  6. I’m not really a fan of superfluous Hitler comparisons either way – Madonna has a habit of making pronunciations based on her supposedly being Jewish, so I made the inference.

    But anyway, what does it matter?

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