I Was Polled

(cross-posted from Two Women Blogging)

And it went like this:

Age? (glad to know there are still a few categories older than mine)

Household income? (several categories below us, not as many above)

Religion? Jewish

Reform, Orthodox or Conservative? Reconstructionist

Oh. Hang on (sound of computer keys tapping).

OK. Do you belong to a synagogue? Yes

Do you go to synagogue services or participate in events a) once a year b) once a month c) once a week d) other? C

Who do you prefer in the Presidential election? I prefer Hillary Clinton, but I’m going to vote for Barack Obama.

Um. It’s OK, you can just put Obama.

OK. What do you like most about John McCain? Nothing.

I beg your pardon? Nothing. There’s nothing I like about McCain.

What do you like least about John McCain? His hypocrisy.

These are interesting answers. Thank you.

What do you like least about Barack Obama? He’s too conservative on abortion rights.

Did you vote in the last Presidential election? Did you skip a question?

I’m sorry? I said, did you skip a question? You asked me what I liked and disliked about McCain. you didn’t ask me what I liked about Obama, only what I disliked.

Well, that’s how this poll is written. Then I don’t want to participate. Please discard my answers.

So I lost my chance to find out if this was the poll Sam told me about yesterday, the one where they’re calling homes in heavily Jewish districts to ask “Would you support Obama if you knew he wanted to negotiate with the Palestinians by talking to Hamas?” Never mind that Hamas is the government of the Palestinian Authority, so “negotiating with Hamas” could also be called “participating in the peace process”.


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