Anti-Semitic Sketch on SNL

This is fucked up. The offensive part starts around 5:02:

Yes, everyone in America is screwing themselves over except the Jews (George Soros and the Sandlers), who are all making a hefty profit, heh heh. First off, please don’t tell me that the rich, scheming people who “deserve to be shot” just happened to be Jewish. Don’t tell me it’s ambiguous – not with the names, the Jewfro, the Brooklyn accents. Also, can you see how offensive it is to trot out one Jewish investor and hold him up as the epitome of all evil – the one who’s going to rape our women and control our government? Why didn’t the writers pick a gentile? Tell me why they just happened to be drawn to the Jewish guy.

But wait! This must be like that New Yorker cover, which was totally ironic and oh why can’t you take a joke! Yes, ha ha ha. The whole “But we’re laughing at how untrue it is!” excuse still doesn’t work. Look, this is the same tired story people have been telling for centuries – and the joke is based on real hatred. There’s a Puck cartoon from the 1890s that shows a Jewish man talking to his grandfather. “Ven I vos oudt horseback riding dis morning, Grandfader, I dradet dot horse undt made feefty tollars.” “Goot for you, Chakey!” the grandfather replies. “Dot vos der vay to enchoy horsepack riding!” We’re just so good at getting rich!

And the wife thing? Yeah, we’ve heard that before, too. Here’s a tidbit from journalist Tom Watson, circa 1915: “Every student of sociology knows that the black man’s lust after the white woman is not much fiercer than the lust of the licentious Jew for the gentile.” (Also see Portnoy’s Complaint.)

It’s just not funny, okay? I’m sitting here, I’m watching it, I’m just not laughing.

(By the way, yes, I’m finally reading The Price of Whiteness!)

Via Sans Everything. Thanks to Tomemos for the tip.


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  1. Video no longer available, and I’m not going to go looking for it – I trust your assessment, but I don’t really want to look at it. I have to say that every time some talking head mentions Goldman, Sachs as the source of the economic disaster, I feel sort of crawly inside. I know that the Treasury Secretary was an exec at Goldman, but it still felt to me as if they were saying “Jews”. And then I thought I was being paranoid. And then I saw this…and I remembered that just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

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