Feministe doesn’t know cats.

So, last Sa… Caturday, Lauren and Jill over at Feministe had themselves a little Cat-Off. And you know what? Those are some cute kitties. A teeny gray baby is indeed a worthy opponent for a smoosh-face.

But honestly? I feel bad for them. Because they were over there all like, “yeah my cats are the cutest la la la,” all the while having no idea that I’d just adopted THE CUTEST KITTY ON EARTH. I could have posted this on Caturday, but I thought I’d let them have their fun. Also, better to reveal Peter on… Mewsday?

Anyway, behold! And fear.

Image description: Petey, a little black cat, lounges on a chair.

Lil’ Petey pounced on me (or tried to, anyway) at the Long Beach SPCA, so my husband and I nabbed him before anyone else could. He already has several thousand favorite games, including but not limited to:

This Object Makes Noise
The Bird is Free Again*
I’ve Got the Bolts!
A Bag
The Armored Cat Who is Both There and Not There
I Will Eat Your Plants, Please
It Must Not Touch Me!
The Scary Door
I’m Not Sure You Love Me the Most of Everyone Yet

More pictures!

One night, Petey entertained our guests by crawling on my bike like a jungle gym so that he could get into the basket.
Image description: Petey perches in a bike basket.

Strike a pose!
Image description: Petey lies on his side in front of the front door.

Normally we think of the cat as a placeholder for the husband. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do with this guy playing video games in my living room.
Image description: A man plays video games while Petey lies on the coffee table.

Image description: Petey looks up at the camera.

Here’s a game of A Bag turning into I’ve Got the Bolts!:

So yeah, I win. Er, Petey wins. Okay, go watch the debates!

*Not a real bird.
EDIT: Added image descriptions.

(Cross-posted at Alas, A Blog.)

4 Responses

  1. Oooh, throwin’ down! Just wait until next Saturday…

    Although I will admit that I have a big soft spot for black kitties. And I love how Petey is always sprawled out šŸ™‚

  2. It’s true. Your cat is cute.

  3. Petey’s a champion sprawler. Whenever I try to out-sprawl him, he just laughs at me.

  4. […] So when I first started this blog, I promised myself that it would be very serious. It would contain no levity. If any levity should happen to slip past the editorial board and make it onto the site, it would promptly be removed and an apology would be issued. Then I went and posted pictures of my cat. […]

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