Obama = Muslim Jew!!!

Or Jewish Muslim. Or Muslim Jewish atheist. Or atheist Muslim Jewish Muslim communist. What the fuck, America. What the fuck.

About 46 seconds in, look at the top of the effigy’s head:

(Via The Daily Dish. Thanks to Leila for the tip.)

I love how the star of David has become shorthand for everything that’s wrong with the non-Christian, non-white world. (Maybe that’s why I still can’t bring myself to wear mine regularly. It pains me to think that right-wingers are stealing our own symbol from us, just like they stole the word liberal.) What is the statement here? That Obama’s controlled by Jews? That Muslims are controlled by Jews? That Jews and Muslims and black people are all the same thing? And why didn’t the reporter mention the star in the description of the effigy?

Also, need I comment on how scary it is that this guy can hang A RACIST EFFIGY ON HIS FRONT LAWN and feel comfortable enough to discuss it – named – with the local media?

Racism, anti-Semitism, and other -isms always escalate in times of turmoil and economic distress, and we’re seeing that pretty clearly right now.

4 Responses

  1. The neighbor thinks this is a little bit of a racist statement? Little? Yow.

    I don’t think the conflation of Jew/black/communist/everything evil is new, although the appropriation of the star of David may be. Scary shit, new or old. I have to say my reaction is the opposite, though – I’m going upstairs to dig out the pendant I haven’t worn in a while and find a chain for it.

  2. If you wear yours, I’ll wear mine. 🙂

  3. Can I also just point out that this connection between racism, xenophobia over Obama’s supposedly Muslim (or not American or [put your favorite Sarah Palinism here]) roots, and anti-Semitism is not new. The NYT did a story last week on “The Man Behind The Whispers About Obama” (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/13/us/politics/13martin.html?pagewanted=2&sq=andy%20martin&st=cse&scp=1) and guess what? He’s got a long history of saying anti-Semitic things. He insists, though, that calling a judge “a crooked, slimy Jew who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race” does not make him anti-Semitic. Rather, he was “trying to show that everybody in the bankruptcy court was Jewish and I was not Jewish” and that he “was being victimized by religious bias.”
    Where is the ADL when Sean Hannity allows people like Andy Martin to be interviewed as if they are legitimate, non-biased sources of information?

  4. Jay: I know the “little bit of a racist statement” in the first woman’s interview sounds bad to people not from Southern Ohio, but I grew up in the Cincinnati area and can promise you that her phrasing is just reflecting a regional penchant for understatement, not her lack of outrage at the fact that her neighbor put up a racist display that could easily be read as a direct threat to her own grandson. (Cincinnati actually has quite a bit of its own lingo. For instance, instead of saying “Could you repeat that?” we say “Please?”) I know it might sound strange to people on the coasts who are used to saying things more directly, but think of the woman’s phrasing as the Ohio analog to the way Southerners sometimes say “isn’t that nice” and really mean “isn’t that the exact opposite of nice.”

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