Phone Banking Adventures

No on 8 has set a few of us up on CallFire, this online system that connects you to voters through the power of the Intertron. You hook it up to your cellphone, and then the names of people it’s dialing for you appear on your computer screen.

Reader, last Sunday CallFire connected me to Zach Braff.

Image description: Zach, a handsome dark-haired man in his thirties, stands in front of a green background that reads “2006 MTV Movie Awards.” He’s dressed in a collared shirt and jeans and smiles at someone off camera.

Image description: In a scene from “The Ex,” Zach, sitting on a couch and wearing a faded tee shirt, laughs and looks off camera.

Image description: Zach walks a small terrier on a busy sidewalk in SoHo, wearing sunglasses and holding a soda cup.

…and he didn’t pick up his phone!

Awww. Reader, I’m sorry. Here you scrolled all the way through those pictures, anxiously awaiting the story of my conversation with Hollywood’s favorite Jewish heartthrob sweetie-pie, and he wasn’t even home! I bet you’re disappointed, huh?


(By the way, anyone who feels tempted to remind me that it’s possible there’s more than one Zach Braff living in Los Angeles can suck a lemon.)

(No on 8!)

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