Last Minute Proposition Guide!

I really wanted to write posts on props 2 and 5 before election day, but since the polls open in… oh, about eight hours, that’s not going to happen. So! Here’s how I (along with PJA, Arbeter Ring, and other liberal types) think Californians should vote:

1a: Yes
2: Yes
3: Yes
4: No
5: Yes
6: No
7: No
8: No
9: No
10: No
11: ?
12: Yes

While you’re marking those down on your sample ballot, why not head over to Rise’s website and pledge to vote for immigrant rights? (Via Brownfemipower.) Rise has a fast going on at La Placita Olvera in Los Angeles, and I was able to stop by and take some pictures over the weekend, which I’ll try to post tomorrow morning (not likely) or Wednesday (more likely).

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One Response

  1. For conversation’s/information’s sake: I actually voted No on Prop 3 because the vast majority of the funding would go to private hospitals who already have far more resources than their public counterparts. The California Greens have a clear, fuller explanation of this here.

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