Setting the Bar for Christmas Decorations

Check it out, and you can have one of these bad boys on your front lawn this winter!

I can’t see anything wrong with this whatsoever!

So now the so-called “War on Christmas” becomes more overt all the time?


3 Responses

  1. wouldn’t this be more appropriate for easter?

    all the kkk resonance of this decorative fixture aside, is it wrong to admit that i’ve always felt the cross to be kinda insensitive as a symbol? just seems strange to honor someone by putting images everywhere of the thing that tortured and killed him.

  2. Well, Jesus on the cross (godlike man elevated by treelike structure) is a manifestation of a pretty ancient symbol – there are all these parallels to the Buddha under the Bhodi tree and Norse myths. So on the surface it seems pretty gruesome, but once you look into why Christians have always been drawn to that particular symbol, you find some pretty profound stuff.

    Burning cross on your lawn, though? Not all that profound. And I really don’t think the parallels to THIS version of the symbol are completely lost on the people who buy it. That’s not to say that they consciously think of it as racist – rather, I think they’re operating on the same desire to rally a cohesive group identity.

  3. Am I giving them too much credit by pointing out that the cross isn’t actually burning, but rather illuminated with lights? Tone deaf to be sure, but malicious? I dunno . . . If the last few months have taught me anything it’s to be more vigilant about stuff like this, but for some reason I can’t really get worked up about it.

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