This is not my community.

Two Israeli ad campaigns in recent years: “Israel: No one belongs here more than you” (“you” being the white middle-class American tourist) and “Israel: Not What You See in the News!” (paraphrased)

Number of Gazans dead today: at least 200.

If you can’t figure out why this is unacceptable – if you insist on an eye-for-an-eye mentality, in which one Israeli eye is worth an infinite number of Palestinian eyes – then quite frankly, you’re a privileged fuck with no concept of how violence is perpetuated or what the phrase “human rights” actually means. (And will I delete your odious, bigoted comment? You bet.)

EDIT: Matt points out the problem with my use of the phrase “an eye for an eye.” More explanation here.

(Cross-posted at Alas, A Blog.)

2 Responses

  1. I’m just home from work and seeing this for the first time, and I’m in tears. Hopeless.

  2. WaPo is reporting Israel actually is doing a good job with it’s aim this time around: it says that most (obviously not all) of the 200 dead are Hamas security forces (i.e., not civilians but the legitimate targets).

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