Share Your Anti-Semitism Stories.

Richard Jeffrey Newman asked me to invite MM readers to share their anti-Semitism stories on Alas. From the post:

I know that the first post I wrote was the first time ever that I tried to construct a chronology, a narrative of the antisemitism I have experienced in my life, and it brought home to me all over again just how enormous and profound an effect it had on my worldview…. So here’s what I propose: a post where the point of the comments is, simply, to tell stories about our experiences with antisemitism, not to analyze those experiences, but just to tell them and then let them speak for themselves. I am not talking about political analysis of some politician’s or scholar’s or blog posts’ rhetoric, and I am not talking about listing antisemitic incidents at which you were not present. I am talking about moments when you saw or experienced antisemitism in action.

The thread is open to everyone – Jews and non-Jews.

I think this is a great way to get past the question of how much or how little we should care about anti-Jewish oppression while we’re working to end the occupation of Palestine, past all the harsh words and bad feelings that have arisen on Feministe and elsewhere, and just take a moment to catch our breaths and reflect on the issue on a personal level. Please don’t post any stories here – go to the original post here.

(By the way, I shared a couple of my stories here.)


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  1. As I mentioned on my blog, I was married to a Jewish man and had a Jewish name for about 6 years. I mentioned some incidents there… a few stand out in my memory:

    On one occasion, at a job, we were sharing birthday cake, and there wasn’t enough for everyone. I split mine with someone, she said “I wondered if you were Jewish when I heard your name, but I guess you aren’t!” and laughed and laughed.

    I thought, huh? Jews don’t eat cake?

    Then I realized, she meant, Jews don’t share.

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