I was curious about this book until I saw this little gem by the author on Jewcy:

Whatever we say about women and men being equal now and tomorrow – I have three daughters who I want to see beat the world – throughout the whole human past, including the Jewish past, men and women have had different rules, different roles, different thoughts, and different lives.

Biology and common sense both tell us sex is something women have and men want. We can try as hard as we want to talk our way around this, but we can’t make it any less true–for the Jews or any other people.

But I’m sure your book is very smart. Jewish men? You guys have got a long way to go. (That goes for all you Gentile fellas, too.)

PS – So, when I feel aroused, is that really just the need to unload myself of all that pesky sex? Or maybe Judith Butler has just brainwashed me into imagining that I enjoy it.

Dang, think of the poor lesbians – so much sex and nowhere to put it.

UPDATE: The author has responded to a comment I left on the Jewcy post, defending what he wrote as “an exaggeration, but a useful one.”

(Cross-posted at Alas, A Blog.)

5 Responses

  1. fuuuuuuck him. can the guy really not hear himself?

  2. No, no. The lesbians *are* the problem. They’re the ones having all that sex that men want. /snark

    The ideas make me wince. The grammar makes me think “this guy got a book deal”?

  3. Of course, silly! That’s why Lilith was kicked out of the Garden–she forgot that she wasn’t supposed to be sexually assertive!

    Someone needs to teach this guy the difference between reality and damaging cultural tropes STAT because I can only see someone who has watched way too TV (and takes it seriously) actually believing that.

  4. Barf! I was so annoyed when I saw that.

    You have to really watch out with Jewcy. They sneak this stuff in.

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