What is Anti-Semitic

1. Saying the state of Israel should be dissolved. Unless you’re a) saying the same thing about every nation-state created by violence, and b) sharing your bright idea for what to do with Israelis.

2. Referring to Jewish people as “The Jew.” If you can’t see why collapsing us all into one giant pulsating brain is dehumanizing, try it with your own group. The Woman calls for equal rights, but does not seem to be interested in equal responsibility. The American lacks the intellectual rigor to understand or challenge his privilege in the global economy. The Academic will never admit that his “work” is irrelevant to real people. Wow, see how laughably inaccurate these statements become? See how many real people they erase?

Of course, if you’re doing both of these things at once, you’re probably not desperate to keep your dislike of Jews a secret, so why am I even bothering?


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