At Last!

Okay, everybody, CALM DOWN. You can stop panicking now. I am delighted – no, relieved – to announce that we finally have a klezmer song about toxoplasmosis.

Via JVoices:

What is toxoplasmosis, you ask? Why, it’s the scary brain parasite that I PROBABLY TOTALLY HAVE. I’m forgetful. Also I get writer’s block a lot. Therefore: toxo.

It’s the only plausible explanation.

Also, if you’re in L.A., you should come to the Doikayt seder tomorrow. I will be there! We will exchange sholem aleychems and then do hipster dances.

(Cross-posted at Alas, A Blog)


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  1. […] Please enjoy your klezmer with a side of toxoplasma. Happy Pesach! (Via Julie at Modern Mitzvot, whose seder I am very excited to be attending […]

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