Haggadah Inserts!

If you’re like me and found it a little impossible to have a seder on a Wednesday night, then you have some time to peruse these. If not, HURRY! HURRY before the sun goes down! (Happy Birkat Hachamah, by the way!)

J Street!

Jewish Voice For Peace!

Progressive Jewish Alliance!

Also take a look at FeministGal’s post on Passover (via Feministe)!

What haggadah do you use? How do you incorporate anti-oppression theology/theory into your service? I ask partly because I’m still shopping around for my Friday seder.


4 Responses

  1. We use the Reconstructionist Haggadah, “A Night of Questions” http://stores.jrfbookstore.org/-strse-28/passover%2C-haggadah%2C-reconstructionist%2C-night/Detail.bok which offers lots of opportunities to incorporate social justice and anti-oppression work into the seder (Recon liturgy in general is really good that way).

    Chag sameach.

  2. the love and justice haggadah is great!

  3. We’ve experimented for a number of years, and this is what we do now, given that I have two school-age children. We use the cheapo paperback traditional Haggadah as a guide to the order (seder) of things, but for little else. We light candles, say the kiddish, do blessings, talk about the seder plate (informally) and the significance of each item on it, ask the 4 questions. Then we act out the Passover story. There is no script and parts aren’t assigned. We just do it on the spur of the moment with everyone, including guests, volunteering for parts. Kids search for the afikomen, we open the door for Eliahu. At some point (but not last night because it was a school night and we got started late), there is a chance to talk about slavery and freedom and how it exists and the different forms. Thank you for asking this because it brings my mind back to that and there is still lots of Passover left to talk about it with our kids.

  4. Okay, you inspired me to write about the seder here.

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