SPEAK! Listening Party in Long Beach, CA!

Remember that awesome CD that’s out right now? The spoken word collection that features the work of BFP, Black Amazon, Little Light, and so many others? The one that combines personal history and movement making in truly inspiring ways? If you live in or around Long Beach, CA and haven’t heard it yet, now’s your chance! On Sunday, June 14th, Petit Poussin, Christine, and I will be hosting a listening party from 2-5. As we listen to the CD, you’ll be able to participate in discussion and respond by making your own media, whether it’s visual art, handwritten text, a zine, blogging or twittering, or whatever combination of the above you can come up with. Afterwards, we’ll sit down to a potluck dinner. CDs will be available for sale – remember that all proceeds go towards getting single mothers to the Allied Media Conference next month.

Address available upon RSVP. A quick warning for people with allergies: a friendly medium-haired cat will be present.

RSVP to modernmitzvot at yahoo com or ppoussin at gmail com!

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for being such a great hostess, and for wanting to have such a fundraiser to begin with. I was glad I got to go.

    I’m cat- and self-obsessed enough to want to lodge a complaint that the promises of feline friendliness were not realized on my watch. Alas, seems like it’d be ungracious. Thinking out loud of course.


    (Thanks again.)

  2. You should have said something! The moment I got worried and shook his treat bag, he materialized right in front of me. Like magic or something, I don’t know, it was actually a little weird.

    But yes, I realize that he did not deliver for most of the afternoon. Poo.

  3. He was plenty cute just sitting in the chair I saw him in. I have four cats and am used to their fickle moods, especially if lots of people are around. Well, I’ve never had lots of people in my apartment at one time yet, but I can only imagine. I just like busting their balls is all, figuratively speaking.

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