Sometimes I get very tired

of non-Jews assuming – in fact, never even thinking to question – that they know more about Zionism than Jews do.

This sense of entitlement to what’s in our heads is part of what led to the Jewish nationalist movement in the first place. And you all still don’t fucking get it.

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  1. I’m not jewish,but scanning various blogs, including some anti ocupation ones. I understand your fustaration. Jews sans frontieres is one example, they single out people like Leonard Cohen just for playing tel aviv. Then again, they’re in favor of BDS, so that’s their right. And I hope there’s a demonstration in front of wherever he’s playing.

  2. Agreed. Is there a particular instance that prompts this post?

  3. Yeah, but it’s not the individual instance that makes me angry so much as the general sentiment. I mean, if someone has studied the history and writings of the Zionist movement, understands the logic behind it, and wants to criticize it on those terms – great. As a Diasporist, I’ll probably agree with most or all of what they say. But when I hear people saying things like “Zionists suck” or “Zionists are racist” or “I hate Zionists so much” – well, even if they’re not using the term as a codeword for “Jew,” what that tells me is that they view Zionism as one very narrow belief, rather than a wide spectrum. And if a Jewish person calls them on it, the response is almost never, “Hey, maybe I can remain pro-Palestine but simultaneously rethink this,” but rather, “yet another rich privileged entitled racist Jew!”

    It’s like condemning all forms of socialism based on what the evening news told you about the USSR.

  4. Yeah. I can totally understand that. I didn’t mention it, but not long ago I came across Michael Rosen, who is big in the academic boycott in the UK, claiming Zionism was based on Chosen-ness. I was kinda shocked just how far off that was (and other things). I’ve started wondering if “Zionism is Racism” engages with Zionism as I would understand it at all or if it’s as far off as Rosen’s claim.

  5. Well, there are people who think that the idea of *any* kind of nation state is inherently racist, and that therefore any moveent to establish any state is racist. But I don;t think those are the people we’re talking about here.

  6. It’s just another manifestation of the old “Christians know more about Judaism than Jews” trope from the old days – we don’t know our own language, our own religion, our own prophecies, our own damn Law, our own damn history better than those who want to filter through it for the negativity.

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