All together now, say it with me:

I’m breaking my long-term blogging hiatus (due mainly to needing to find employment) to weigh in on something that’s been all over the media recently:

Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl. He then ran to France to live a welcomed, upper-class life rather than stay and fight any judicial misconduct with what was and is available in the legal system currently. You know, like all the little people who aren’t artists and who don’t create.

The quality or lack thereof of his movies should not actually be relevant to this at all.

4 Responses

  1. Agreed. Violence is not made any the less so by a person’s talents, alleged or actual, in other respects. It is shameful that it is even a part of the conversation. A crime was committed, one that violated another human being’s physical and emotional sanctity. His personal resources and connections allowed him to escape the consequences of that action–they do not in any way shape or form exonerate or minimize his responsibility.

  2. You know, at times like these, I’m reminded of the old teaching that humiliation is wrong, except in the case of those who abuse their children. This isn’t quite the same, but come on – the guy admitted to it and then later on started a relationship with a 15-year-old girl during his “cruel” exile to his native France.

    What I’m saying is, we should call this exactly what it is.

  3. Ok, this is too depressing to respond to with anything but angry sarcasm. I’m sorry if this is innappropriate, but if I try to engage with this in a serious frame of mind I’ll jump off something tall.

    Maybe this whole “if-you’re-talented-it-doesn’t-matter-that-you-commit-horrible-crimes” idea has its advantages. I’m really good at baking biscuits. How much allowance does that talent get me? Do I get to vandalise stuff? Snatch handbags? Rob a bank? Beat someone up?

    What level of talent does someone need to be allowed to get away with murder?

  4. Sanabituranima, about this level. (In other words, not much.)

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