Progressive Jews discuss antisemitism, feminism, racism, social justice, and Palestinian rights. We always welcome guest bloggers.

Julia Glassman identifies as secular Ashkenazi. Her work has appeared in make/shift, The Missouri Review, Kitchen Sink, Zeek, and Monkeybicycle. She cross-posts at Alas, A Blog and writes reviews for Feministe.

Brown Shoes Don’t Make It falls somewhere between the Reform and Conservative Jewish viewpoints and currently interns as a details engineer. His site can be found at Brown Shoes Don’t Make It.

About the header: Mosaic of Menorah, by an unknown Roman Artist found in Tunis, Tunisia, from the 3rd century-5th century A.D. The full image can be found on about.com.

2 Responses

  1. Ms. Glassman,

    I’m writing to you with great interest about the response you posted on Feministe: “I’ve been learning Yiddish …. I’m a good 30 years younger than most of the people in my Yiddish class.”

    I am a secular, 22-year-old, native-Yiddish speaker who was raised in a Conservative home in Brooklyn. I am also a part of an non-profit organization to promote Yiddish immersion among youth, called Yugntruf. (yugntruf.org)

    If you’re interested in finding out about Yiddish as it currently lives outside of academia, I encourage you to check out our classes, programs and events. Our members come from many different continents and range from observant and secular, Orthodox and egalitarian, to non-Jews who simply want to speak Yiddish.

    If your Yiddish is good enough to read literary texts, you are certainly invited to our week-long Yiddish-immersion retreat for people of every age at the end of August in upstate New York. You can find out more about our Yidish-vokh at http://yugntruf.org/programs/yidish-vokh/

    Mit vareme grusn,

  2. Yidish-vokh!! We were talking about that in my class a few weeks ago. Once my Yiddish is up to par (I can barely put sentences together right now, let alone speak only Yiddish for a week), I definitely plan on attending.

    I’ll check out the rest of the organization, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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