Comment Policy

A lot of people like to view blogs as open forums that are duty-bound to honor free speech, no matter what type of speech it is. These are usually the people who leave rude, condescending, or hateful comments and then can’t figure out why bloggers don’t like them.

Numerous writers have compared blogs to houses, and that analogy forms the basis of our comment policy. If someone invites you into their home, you treat them and their other guests with respect and deference. If you say something inappropriate, or say something appropriate in an inappropriate way, they will probably ask you to leave – or, at the least, not invite you back.

Similarly, if you enter our online home and say something that would get you uninvited to someone’s house – especially a Jewish person’s house – we will delete your comment, or ban you, or both. Even if you were making a legitimate point. The same goes for spam, including self-plugs and other comments that consist only of a link.

Thanks. Peace.

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