Dear PETA and Anti-Choicers

Please stop using the Holocaust in your propaganda.

I resemble neither a chicken nor an embryo. Surely you can see the difference. Oh, you can’t? You can’t see the difference between me and a chicken or an embryo? Well, here, I’ll explain it. When you bring chickens and embryos up to the level of sentient human beings, then you can’t help but bring those sentient human beings down to the level of chickens and embryos. If you are putting them on the same level, then you are putting them on the same level. Also, if you expect me to look at a bird or a mass of cells and see my relatives – the ones who disappeared after my great-grandparents fled Poland – then you need to lay off the hallucinogens, because something trippy’s going on there.

What’s that? What’s that you say? Ah, you’re explaining that the reason for your comparison is that Jews weren’t considered people, just like chickens and embryos aren’t considered people, and you’re trying to win the argument by implying that the rest of us are Nazis for arbitrarily excluding groups from personhood. How do we KNOW chickens and embyros aren’t people when just a few decades ago, people thought Jews weren’t people? What a conundrum! I guess there’s just no way to figure out the difference between a chicken and an embryo and a human! Well, okay, fine. How’s this: my basil plant is a human being. That’s right. Also, my coffee mug. And if you don’t consider my basil and my coffee mug FULLY HUMAN, then you are narrow-minded scum, blind to the evidence in front of you!

Look, I know that somewhere, deep down, you mean well. It’s just that your logic doesn’t let us all know how much you care about chickens and embryos. It lets us know how little you care about Jews.

Same goes for the mental disability and American slavery comparisons, by the way. Black sentient human beings and autistic sentient human beings, like Jewish sentient human beings, are neither chickens nor embryos.

Thanks. You know, I’m for contraception and against factory farming, but it sure as hell isn’t because of you.

2 Responses

  1. Not only does PETA compare the treatment of animals to Jews in the Holocaust, frequently and unapologetically, they’ve used the words of Jewish writers to do it as well, making it doubly heinous.

    As for me, well, I think it’s seriously depressing to actually have to spell this out for people. Jews did not suddenly become human when moral crusaders and the progressives of the day made it official – imagine, if you will, that we’ve been human all these years!

  2. Sadly, Jews were killed for the mere fact of their Jewishness – say what you want about eating animals, but there is an incommensurable difference between attempting to extermination a population with a particular ethnic characteristic and killing for the sake of eating. There are some meager analogies between the two (e.g. killing), but there is no significant resemblance.

    PETA is (one of) the reason so many people don’t take the animal rights movement seriously.

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